Episode 20, Flight Attendant Annoyances, Sky Talk Radio

Flight Attendant

Episode 20, Flight Attendant Annoyances

In this episode of Sky Talk Radio we talk about what really annoys flight attendants.  Don’t even think about calling them a “Stew”, that’s so old school its not even part of the discussion.  Instead the guys talk about ways that you can get on the good side of your flight attendant. Most pilots would rather talk about themselves, but truth be told flight attendants do all the heavy lifting when it comes to dealing with the public and they never get much recognition.  We would also like to go on record saying that we appreciate all that you do, especially when you have to put up with the pilot group and all their arrogance.  If you have another item to add to the list, please let us know.  We could easily double the length of the episode but instead would rather do a part two podcast with lots more interesting items that only our cabin crews can bring to our attention.

The second part of this episode is titled as “poop slingers”  and as you may have guessed its about weird things people do with their poop.  As Kirbs so elgegantly states “How come you don’t hear about poop at Greyhound?” , the mere fact that it happens on planes means it has to be discussed on Sky Talk.

Ever wonder why all the segments on Sky Talk Radio are not the same?  So do we!  Actually we have to take a mixture of stories, email questions and callers to give a mix for the show so that you are not bombarded with the “same ole same ole” every time you listen.  If you have not heard a caller in a while, it usually is because we are trying to mix in the callers with the other segments of the show.

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