First Try, Episode #10, Commercial Pilots

commercial pilots

In this episode Sky Talk features:

  • First Try story.  This is an airline story which is actually Ken’s very first captain trip out of JFK to Boston.  Its a good mix of experiences of what happens when people start pitching a fuss on wanting to get off the airplane when bad weather comes in along with extensive delays.  Also a big shout out and thanks for nothing to the chief pilots office for not helping out one iota.  (yes that’s a slam, no I am not going to tell you who, when or where)
  • Dreams.  this is an extended story from Ken based on what pilots dream about when they dream about work.  No its not all about free beer and home made breakfast, you know what they say about dreams and what is really going on in your brain.  (me neither, but its a good short story with a laugh at the end,,real dream too so feel free to get as Freudian as you like in response)
  • Our newest intro and outro music, most people don’t care but, its a lot of fun.

Sky Talk Radio is the brain child of two commercial pilots that currently fly in the airline system.  No, we are not going to say the name of our airline because that will get someones shorts in a knot, and we just can’t have that.  We encourage and tell stories from all facets of aviation.  As we build our audience of listeners we will continue to share your stories mixed in with ours until you get over your shyness and call in to Sky Talk Radio and help us out.  Yes this is a big hint to flight attendants since you have the best passenger stories as Kirbs and I lock ourselves in the cockpit to let you deal with the drama.

If you would like to submit a story and/or have it featured on our podcast, simply go to the “submit a story” button at the top of the website.  You can also submit stories or ideas on our Facebook page.  Also if you are enjoying the stories on STR, how about showing us a little bit of social love on our Facebook page and giving us one of those thumbs up things.  Also be sure to visit our sponsors (  since they are paying us good money to say their name!

And finally our technical software glitch has been solved (not by Kirbs) and we are now able to take your calls to STR directly from any cell phone.  So look for that link and number on the website soon.  The call in feature is not just for commercial pilots, its for flight attendants and regular passengers as well.

To play this podcast, simply push the play button.  Feel free to share this podcast on Facebook and please give us a shout out.  If you would like to leave a tasteful reply with no vulgarity or links to your website, please do so.  Sky Talk Radio content is protected under copyright law.  And most importantly folks, don’t fly like my brother!

Intro music featuring music track ‘Pot of Gold’ by isakukageyama)

Outro music by Max Razumov – producer, composer and sound designer. His works has been featured in various productions from commercials, website audio and music videos, in feature films. Max Razumov’s fresh ideas and originality guarantee music that will enhance Film, TV, documentaries, corporate videos, and other new media applications.

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Commercial Pilots

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