Sky Talk Radio, Episode 15, Aviation Podcast

Aviation Podcast

Sky Talk Radio, Episode 15, Aviation Podcast

In Episode 15 of Sky Talk Radio Aviation podcast features:

  • The interesting story of cluster ballooning and how it all got started with a guy named Larry Walters.  Ken tells the story of how a guy tied a bunch of weather balloons to a lawn chair and went on an adventure.  This is a true story that spawned a series of adventurists on into the sport now called cluster ballooning.  A couple of copy cat so called aviators are also high lighted with the usual Sky Talk Radio story telling fervor.
  • Don’t believe us?  (we don’t blame you) then head over to Wikipedia and check out their page on this very sport that inspired the movie (UP)  Also check out this interesting clip from MythBusters that explore this very concept.  (But Kirbs is way funnier)


Do you have a funny aviation story?  We will listen to just about anything as long as its entertaining.  Push the submit story button up top and send us the details!

To play this podcast, simply push the play button.  Feel free to share this podcast on Facebook and please give us a shout out.  If you would like to leave a tasteful reply with no vulgarity or links to your website, please do so.  Sky Talk Radio content is protected under copyright law.  And most importantly folks, don’t fly like my brother!

Intro music featuring music track ‘Pot of Gold’ by isakukageyama),  Background story music by :

Blind Love Dub – Jeris | Chill

Outro music by Max Razumov – producer, composer and sound designer. His works has been featured in various productions from commercials, website audio and music videos, in feature films. Max Razumov’s fresh ideas and originality guarantee music that will enhance Film, TV, documentaries, corporate videos, and other new media applications.


Sky Talk Radio is the brain child of two commercial pilots that currently fly in the airline system.  No, we are not going to say the name of our airline because that will get someones shorts in a knot, and we just can’t have that.  We encourage and tell stories from all facets of aviation.    Not all podcast feature callers with their own funny airline stories.  We try to mix it up and feature stories, calls, and just plane interesting facts to keep it fresh.


Copyright: mrgao / 123RF Stock Photo

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