Episode 22, What’s In Your Bag, Airline Pilot Podcast

Airline Pilot

Episode 22, What’s In Your Bag, Airline Pilot Podcast

Segment number one is an email question about mechanical delays, your typical airline pilot and why they take so long to fix things.  Of course in typical Sky Talk fashion, there really isn’t a simple answer.  Of course the delicate subject of union airlines verses non union airlines is visited.  A lot of people really don’t understand the process of what is actually involved for the problem to be fixed and getting the passengers underway to their destinations.   Of course are all pilots as cool as the Sky Talk Radio airline pilots,,,,,err…no

This is followed by “What’s in your bag?” which is a very funny look at the cockpit conversation that occurs when two pilots whom have never left, meet for the first time.  So what happens when one airline pilot is “Captain Eclectic”?  A Sky Talk exclusive story of course.  We also would like to convey the total dismay and disdain for anyone who elects to bring a drone to the hotel pool while on vacation.  Do you have a funny story that you would love to hear on STR?  We would love tell it so just go to the top of the site and click submit a story and send it to us.  (any coincidental facts of this story that could be misconstrued to actual events are purely unintentional, no laws were broken)

Who are you flying with?


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Intro music featuring music track ‘Pot of Gold’ by isakukageyama),  Background story music by :

Blind Love Dub – Jeris | Chill

Outro music by Max Razumov – producer, composer and sound designer. His works has been featured in various productions from commercials, website audio and music videos, in feature films. Max Razumov’s fresh ideas and originality guarantee music that will enhance Film, TV, documentaries, corporate videos, and other new media applications.


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