Episode 21, Things that go Pop, Flying Podcast

Flying Podcast

Episode 21, Flying Podcast, Things that Go Pop

Do you like a flying podcast or aviation podcasts.  In this episode of Sky Talk Radio we talk about the different noises that occur in the airplane and cockpit.  A bird strike out of Cancun is the first of many noises explored and how loud those noises can sound when you are flying.  Wake turbulence is another interesting noise, which is not really suppose to be a noise (its an event)  There is also the noises induced by Pilots that are interesting and somewhat disturbing as well.  That popping noise was the sudden realization of what just happened.  Other noises include:

bags of chips, empty water bottles, yogurt (rookie pilot), soda cans, oxygen masks, lavatory noises, outflow valves (decompression), protein shakes and windshields.  Plus the disturbing idea of being connected to a defibrillator.

The second part of this episode is an email question for the Captains.

Ever wonder why all the segments on Sky Talk Radio are not the same?  So do we!  Actually we have to take a mixture of stories, email questions and callers to give a mix for the show so that you are not bombarded with the “same ole same ole” every time you listen.  If you have not heard a caller in a while, it usually is because we are trying to mix in the callers with the other segments of the show.

Copyright: chudtsankov / 123RF Stock Photo

Intro music featuring music track ‘Pot of Gold’ by isakukageyama),  Background story music by :

Blind Love Dub – Jeris | Chill

Outro music by Max Razumov – producer, composer and sound designer. His works has been featured in various productions from commercials, website audio and music videos, in feature films. Max Razumov’s fresh ideas and originality guarantee music that will enhance Film, TV, documentaries, corporate videos, and other new media applications.


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