Episode 19 Airline Story Telling, Sky Talk Radio

Airline story telling

Airline Story Telling

In this episode of Sky Talk we go back into our history of flying and talk about our most embarrasing moments as pilots in the aviation industry.  This is the part of airline story telling that makes it fun to think about all the hours and trips we have logged as professional pilots.  The first story takes place in a Boeing 727 as a flight engineer and the second story is a Lear 35 Story.  Both of these stories are the typical stories that most pilots tell whether at a party or sitting in the cockpit.

The airline story telling segment also features what happens when passengers start to venture off into areas where passengers are not allowed to go.  As usual it has a somewhat humerus ending in typical Sky Talk fashion.

Also featured in the airline podcast episode was a reference to Kirbs being locked out of his hotel in his boxers.  If you would like to listen to that episode you can click here for all the details.  Has this happened to you?  We would love to hear it (no pun intended)  Go to the top of the page and click “submit story” and tell us all about it.  If we read it, we promise to send you something real nice.

Ever wonder why all the segments on Sky Talk Radio are not the same?  So do we!  Actually we have to take a mixture of stories, email questions and callers to give a mix for the show so that you are not bombarded with the “same ole same ole” every time you listen.  If you have not heard a caller in a while, it usually is because we are trying to mix in the callers with the other segments of the show.

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