Meet The Guys Behind SkyTalk Radio

Sky Talk Radio is a podcast that talks about the airline industry. We are bringing back storytelling in a brand new and epic way. Let’s face it, there is a lot happening in the airline industry, and some of it is just plane hilarious. We interview passengers, flight attendants and pilots to bring you a humorous fun podcast that we hope you enjoy.


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Meet The Captains

Captain Ken

That’s Captain Ken on the left. Ken has been in the airline business for 30 plus years and has a lot of experience in airline travel.  Ken enjoys creating and editing crazy stories from almost every trip they take while working.  He works for a major airline (brand withheld on purpose) where he met Captain Kirbs.  SkyTalk Radio was created out in the field as actual events and stories kept creating themselves begging to be recorded and presented to the world.  Part of Ken’s job is to keep Kirbs under control and talking in his “indoor voice”. There is a natural synergy between these two pilots and we have heard many comments from flight attendants of “hey, we can hear you two laughing in row 5”.  That is what makes SKR so great and fun.  We strive not to be the old and boring Airline Captains (Captain Crusty Pants) that are not amused by anyone.  Today’s travel environment demands some interaction with our passengers and that is what makes traveling more bearable and more human.  If you see us out on the line, please say hello.

Captain Kirbs

That’s Capt. Kirbs on the right. Kirbs is the loudest other half of the SkyTalkRadio broadcast whose volume control is adjusted most frequently. He has just over 25 years of air travel experience under his belt. The first Eight years were Jet Aircraft Charter and Fractional Jet flying, which was flying medical evacuations and fractional millionaires on call, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The next seven years were filled with corporate jet flying for one multi-zillionaire. Finally, the last ten years have been Airline flying, Flying the non millionaires / zillionaires for a major Domestic Airline. Kirbs, is originally from Northern New Jersey and managed to escape the Northeast 30 plus years ago. He now lives on the west coast of Florida in an undisclosed bunker and is happily married to one wife, no girlfriends (Sorry ladies ), two dogs, two kids……to much :).