Episode 23, World Airline Survey, Airline Podcast

Airline Podcast

Episode 23, World Airline Survey, Airline Podcast

In this segment Sky Talk Radio features its first airline survey of the top ten things left on airplanes by passengers.  Some of these may just the same old things that flight crews see a lot ans some things might be surprise to regular passenger.

10.  Bags, yeah almost not funny but its true what people forget to take with them.  Most of it is fun as they try to come back and swim upstream to try and go back to get them.

9.  Clothing.  The one sock thing, your dryer called and has the other one.  Plus some other gross unmentionables.  (who leaves large Marge’s underwear in the seat back)  Quite amusing.

8.  Children.  If you forget your children, you need help.

7.  Electronics

6.  Snotty tissues.  Please stop this at once.

5.  Water bottles with pee.  It is not an endurance race kids, its public transportation.  Does Greyhound have the same issues?  We just got to know.

4.  Wedding Rings. So ask yourself why someone would take your ring off while they are traveling.  And why would men do this?  The struggle is real.

3.  Food  Its never a gourmet meal for the crew.  So what do you do if you find an unopened item like candy?  Stinky food review.

2.  Full body parts.  People carry spares.  Wigs too!

1.  Sex Toys  Have some pride.

We hope you enjoyed our Airline Podcast.


Ken and Kirbs ideal airline:  No seatback pockets, and we will bill you for the items you left on the plane. (how do you think Wall Street would like that revenue generating system?)

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