Airline Podcast, Emotional Support Animals & Haunted Hotels, Sky Talk Radio

Emotional Support Animals

Airline Podcast, Emotional Support Animals & Haunted Hotels, Sky Talk Radio

So you probably heard about the whole emotional support animals thing right?  Its the hot topic on the internet since all of the sudden people are a mess and cannot function without their emotional support animals sitting on their laps calming their nerves so they do not fall apart.  How do we really feel about all of this at Sky Talk Radio,,,well we think its a bunch of hogwash and we will tell you why.  Lets not make any bones about this, its about money and laziness.  This airline podcast dives into the real reasons airlines are not cracking down on the abuse of people bringing their pets on board_money.  Below you will find a couple of links to these websites that make it so easy for you to register your pets (for a fee of course) and then you will be on your way traveling with your animal on your next airline trip.  And just to elaborate, are we saying that ALL emotional support animals registrations are bogus?  Of course not, there are the honest people out there that really have a need.  However they are heavily outweighed by the amount of cheats, liars and shysters by a landslide.  Lets face it, if there is a opportunity for people to not have to pay and con their airline out of the fee for a onboard  pet, they will take it.

If you are interested in the original story of the Peacock on the airline podcast you can find it by clicking here.

Peacock Story from United

and in case you missed this from the history Archive.  See the Emotional Support Pig on USAirways

Make no mistake about this folks, this man is not a doctor.

Emotional Support Animals

Getting an ESA Qualification Has Never Been Easier (to try and pull the wool over our eyes!)

Also featured in the airline podcast episode is our story about haunted hotels and you can read all about those online at these locations.  Do you have a haunted hotel story?  We would die to hear it (no pun intended)  Go to the top of the page and click “submit story” and tell us all about it.  If we read it, we promise to send you something real nice. (especially if you scare the Kirbs)


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