K9 Rush Hour, Episode #4

K9 Rush Hour, Episode #4

This episode is about Corporate Flying and some of the amusing stories that have happened in real life.  In this episode, Kirbs tells the unique story of what happens when you train dogs to fly in the cabin and they get excited about landing.  Featured in the story is the Falcon 900 Aircraft which is pictured below.  Push the start button below to start the podcast or download it.

K9 Rush Hour

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Falcon 900 Stock image


CFI Story Episode #2


CFI Story (Flight Instructor Story)

Another amusing story by Ken in the pre-airline days of flying. Most airline pilots today spent some time in their aviation careers as a flight instructor.  It was a good way to build flight time and meet a lot of interesting people along the way.  In fact if you ask a lot of pilots today, they will say that a lot of their students along the way, they somehow know or work with them at other airlines and operations.  Aviation is a small world and it basically starts being formed when you become a flight instructor and teach people how to fly.  To start the podcast, click the start arrow. Cartoon courtesy of Pinterst.


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Flight Instructor

What Is SkyTalk Radio? Episode #1

skytalk radio podcast

What is SkyTalk Radio? Episode #1

Thanks for visiting SkyTalk Radio! Learn what we’re all about.